the other side

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are celestial beings who you, yourself, chose before you incarnated.  Yes, believe it or not, you chose these guys to be your guardian angels and guide you along your path before you came down in your little “Mork and Mindy” egg.  The reason you don’t remember is because of the veil of amnesia we all have as soon as we are born.  We don’t remember that we chose this path, knowing our soul would grow as a result of what we would experience in this lifetime. It is your Spirit Guides’ job to lead you towards your life purpose…what you were made to do…your passion. When they are successful, everything falls into place.  You become a round peg in a round hole.  You feel complete, happy, and fulfilled at your core because you have just stepped into the positive, universal energy flow of love and light. Your life becomes like the video game, Tetris, where everything just falls into place.

I am living proof of this.  I lived my life as a successful Marketing Executive and President of my own company.  Did I make a lot of money?  Yes.  Was I happy?  No.  Did I believe in Spirit Guides?  No.  I was severely off course and it was my Spirit Guides’ job to get me back on track.  How do you take a skeptical Marketing Executive and turn them into a Medium?  You give them nudges until it happens.  Big, fat nudges and a lot of them! It took my Guides 6 years to remind me where I came from and what my life purpose was.  Six years!  They were obviously successful, but it took a great deal of effort on their part.  They had their work cut out for them because I didn’t make it easy.

The Other Side literally haunted me.  Their presence in my life started becoming so intense that my gift was getting more and more difficult to hide.  I was out to lunch with a client when she started talking about getting back together with her ex-boyfriend.  Under my breathe, I mumbled, “Yeah, they want you to stay away from him.”  She looked at me perplexed and asked, “Who’s they?”  It was actually her Guides, but I quickly responded with, “Uh..your friends!  I’m sure they don’t want you getting back together with someone who doesn’t appreciate you.”  Close call.

So what do you notice?  Is your job making you miserable?  Do you feel forces of nature pushing you in a different direction?  Are your business deals falling apart for no reason?  Perhaps it’s your Guides nudging YOU.  Sometimes we’re forced in directions we should have chosen for ourselves.  My advice?  Stop fighting the current, allow it to carry you toward happiness, and trust that your Spirit Guides know exactly what will bring you spiritual fulfillment at your core.  They’re here to help you, so take their hand, and don’t look back.  I did!  🙂



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