the other side

The Crazy Life of a Psychic Medium

1.) I have my Grandparents on speed dial.

2.) If I attend a funeral, the deceased usually spend the entire time talking to me.

3.) I can’t go anywhere near an MRI machine. As soon as I get near it, I feel like I’m going to explode.

4.) I’m used to “stretching” my hearing, so if I’m completely engrossed in a movie and someone crunches popcorn at the far end of the theater, my attention will immediately go to that.

5.) It’s very uncomfortable for me to be in a place where a lot of bloodshed has occurred. When I went to Honduras, it felt like a thousand people were all trying to talk to me at once. I almost passed out.

6.) Since I’m essentially an employee of the Other Side, my lifestyle is monitored by them for maximum performance. They regulate my diet, exercise, water intake, vitamins, cleanses, and sleep patterns. I’m also not supposed to have alcohol, since toxins affect the brain’s ability to think clearly. My brain has to be razor sharp for channeling, so my alcohol intake is limited.  I once tried to do a reading with a hangover and the deceased loved one said, “I’m not talking through you like this” and forced me to reschedule.

7.) If I’m in the kitchen making a sandwich before a reading and I see a quick image flash in my head (such as a calico cat), I know to include that in the reading.

8.) If I’m depressed, the Other Side literally “sounds an alarm”. I can’t be depressed or I will attract negative entities. After getting my heart broken, I woke up four times in the middle of the night to the smell of burning cedar. My Spirit Guides said they were performing a Native American protection ritual, which is traditionally done while the person sleeps.

9.) Being a “sensitive” means that everything is sensitive – eyes, taste, touch, smell, hearing, etc. I can smell your hand lotion from across the street.

10.) My cat can actually see Spirit, so his life is pretty miserable. “Sorry, buddy. You’re the cat of a medium, so your life sucks!”

11.) It’s impossible for me to stay awake on an airplane.  If I’m in close quarters with a lot of people for an extended period of time, it will really drain my energy.  Even if I have 10 cups of coffee before getting on a plane, it makes no difference.  I won’t wake up until we land.

12.) My gift has helped me avoid less than ideal dating situations, pursue my passion, and saved my life on several occasions.

13.) In order to connect with your deceased loved ones, I cast love at them. They are attracted to the love energy, so they show up.

14.) If you sit down next to me and my stomach starts hurting, it means someone wants to talk to you.

15.) My intuitive friends and I have pretty interesting dinner conversations. We should start recording them.

16.) The way I channel information is by casting love at people. If you’re my boyfriend, I am actually IN love with you, so I become a veritable information highway.

17.) When I do readings, I wear rose quartz (the stone of unconditional love) and amethyst (the stone of intuition). They help boost my signal.

18.) The Other Side is just a bunch of people with personalities who like to have fun just like we do. One time I asked them for protection and they showed me an image of them pushing me off a cliff. Thanks, guys.

19.) It took six years for me to finally become a professional medium. I was literally pursued by the Other Side. This music video by Smallpools illustrates it pretty well:

20.) I get a lot of information when I’m relaxed. When I was soaking in the bathtub at the Bellagio, I heard, “Tell Angela that her Mom needs to start wearing her seat belt.”

21.) Sometimes after I do a reading, I will feel really dizzy…like my soul wants to leave my body and float back up to where it came from. Whenever that happens, I have to ground myself. It’s the spiritual equivalent of saying, “No, girl! You’re stayin’ right here!”

22.) It’s very easy for entities to manipulate electricity, so if they want my attention, they’ll make my TV go crazy, my lights flicker, or my personal favorite – my cell phone call people all by itself, while it’s sitting on my coffee table.

23.) I have to limit the amount of time I watch the news. It will depress me, lower my vibration, and make it difficult to connect.

24.) Deceased loved ones will work hard to have me date their son in hopes of us marrying, which will result in a permanent channel for them.

25.) I’m blessed to have this gift and even more blessed to have the privilege of sharing it with you! 🙂

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