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Pets are the Most Psychic Creatures

Have you ever noticed your pet looking around the room as if they are watching a fly buzzing around?  Only there’s no fly?  It’s because pets are a lower level of consciousness, which makes them extremely sensitive to entities.  Their minds aren’t busy with the riff-raff of wondering what’s for dinner or paying bills.  Their minds are more mellow than ours, so they can detect Spirit more easily than we can.  Spirit can present itself in apparitions or glowing balls of light and your pet can see them when oftentimes, we can’t.  As I mentioned in my other articles, I will cast love at people in order to read for them and when I do that, Spirit shows up.  One time, I was watching a news video where the person got hurt and I felt overwhelming compassion for them.  I said, “Oh no!  You poor thing!”  At that moment, my cat ran up to me wide-eyed and started staring intently at something floating above my head.  I looked around and there was nothing there. I knew he was seeing Spirit because I had attracted it with my compassion, which is a form of love.  My cat also knows EXACTLY when he’s going to the vet, so he’s pretty smart because I work very hard to act natural.  It’s so annoying!

The most severe instance I can recall is when I was lying in bed watching TV with Toonces. All of a sudden, he jumped off the bed and start attacking the screen door in my bedroom.  I was worried that he was going to destroy it or hurt himself, so I grabbed him and tried to calm him down.  He was seriously freaked out and inconsolable.  He’s usually very loving and docile, so this “attack mode” was shocking to witness.  Toonces spent the rest of the evening hiding under the bed, which isn’t like him at all.  Later that night, I woke up to see a glowing hand exiting through my screen door.  It looked like an entity leaving my bedroom.  I screamed at the top of my lungs, jumped out of bed, and immediately slammed my sliding glass door shut.  My heart was racing.  “People, people, people!!!!!  You know you’re not supposed to appear to me that way!!!!”  Yes, the Other Side and I have a deal.  No apparitions.  They freak me out.  (I think it goes back to childhood where the villain on “Scooby-Doo” was always a glowing Sea Captain.) Turns out, it was the deceased husband of the woman I was channeling for the next morning. He showed up early to check out the scene and that’s fine, but don’t freak me out!

The next time you see your pet acting strange, barking like crazy, or intently following an invisible object around the room, ask yourself what you were thinking, feeling, or discussing at the time.  Chances are, you attracted something and your furry friend can see it.  🙂

Toonces giving me a readingToonces giving me a reading.



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