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How do Spirit Guides Help Us?


Yes, they can prevent things from happening. As a matter of fact, they will do everything possible to nudge you or make you feel like you shouldn’t get on that plane. They also have the power to cause synchronicities that will prevent you from being able to get on that plane, in that car, etc. The question is…were you paying attention to your intuition that day? Did your free will choose to go to work that day, despite the fact that you weren’t feeling well?

One day, I was driving to my office when I looked over and saw a woman walking down the street wearing a HUGE pair of sunglasses. I thought, “Yeah it’s pretty sunny. I should put mine on.” I didn’t, though, and kept driving. About 10 seconds later, I hear an angry voice yell in my ear: “PUT YOUR SUNGLASSES ON NOW!!!!!!” I took my foot off the gas and coasted, while I started digging through my console for my shades. By the time I found them and put them on, the light at the intersection I was approaching was green. When I went to accelerate, a white Yukon flew through the intersection at full speed like it wasn’t even there. If I hadn’t taken my foot off the gas, I wouldn’t have delayed my approach to the intersection, and the Yukon would have literally plowed right into my driver’s side door. God knows what would have happened to me, but I knew to take the angry voice seriously because it has only come through one other time and that prevented me from getting a DUI. When the stakes are high, my Spirit Guides can get pretty pissed off.


Sometimes if I ask my Spirit Guides for the same thing over and over, they’ll yell, “We know!” We can all get a little impatient, but rest assured, if you put in your order for something to happen regarding career, finances, health, relationships, etc, they’re working on it. It just might take a little longer than you’d like.


Before you incarnate, you sit down with your Spirit Guides and plan out the lessons you would like to learn while you are on this earth plane. The lessons that you learn will directly impact your spiritual growth. You set your goals and intentions with them and it is their job to ensure they are met. However, free will rules the roost, so if you do something to go off course, they need to recalculate your path like a GPS. Measures will need to be taken to get you back on course and that is their responsibility.

The sunglasses that saved my lifeThe sunglasses that saved my life.

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