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Do We Really Have Free Will?

Yes, we do. Our Spirit Guides recognize that we have free will and during a reading, will put their effort into explaining your options and allowing you to choose your path. A lot of decisions we make really aren’t that big of a deal. A lot of times, either choice is just fine. When Spirit Guides really step up and ride me like Seabiscuit, is when the decision you are about to make will negatively impact you in some way. Maybe you’re about to take a job that will permanently damage your career or about to start dating someone who is emotionally abusive. In those cases, your Guides will express some pretty strong opinions, but it is still your choice to make.

Deceased loved ones are a whole separate ball game. They hang out with your Spirit Guides and only want the best for you. However, they were mere mortals who used to walk this earth. They come through loud and clear with their opinions of your life, but it’s all in the form of love, care, concern, and protection. They can see how your boss or romantic partner is treating you and if they don’t like it, they’ll let you know. They’ll have a lot to say on the subject. If they can prevent you from making a decision that will negatively impact your life, they will do everything possible to prevent it. Your deceased loved ones hang out with your Guardian Angels because they are one of them. They’re still protecting and loving you with the same passion they did when they were on this earth plane – just in a different way, so keep your eyes peeled for signs they send you to let you know they’re still around.  🙂

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