the other side

Automatic Writing

Did you know that you have your own personal, built-in ouija board?  Well, you do!  It’s called your hand!  Oftentimes, people see, sense, or feel things that they can’t explain.  What they don’t realize is that there are messages attached to those feelings.  Those messages need to come out!  The way to pull them out of yourself is by picking up a pen and doing something called “Automatic Writing”.  This is a valuable tool for connecting with the Other Side.  What you are doing is moving yourself 100% aside.  You’re making your mind a clear chalkboard by pushing aside your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions so that the Other Side can come through.  It’s pure stream-of-consciousness writing.  Try it!  You’ll be surprised what comes through.  You can start by writing whatever comes to mind: “I’m hungry.  I think I’ll have a sandwich for lunch today.  Hmm…maybe a Diet Coke…”  If you just let go, you’ll notice the tone or voice change.  I’ve developed such strong Automatic Writing skills that it is literally impossible for me to journal.  I’ll get through four sentences about the cute guy at the gym when all of a sudden, I’ll write, “He has a girlfriend.”  Doh!  Or I’ll start by complaining about something and bam!  It will turn into advice for me.

I’m thankful for this ability, but actually sitting down and consciously writing a letter requires more effort now.  I have to use my own brain, so it’s a lot slower and feels completely different.  I can’t check out.  It’s not coming from the Other Side, so I have to actually think and use my brain.  For me, Automatic Writing is very relaxing, so try it and see what comes through! 🙂


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