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Yep, I’m A Medium!

There is a reason they call us “sensitives”.  It’s because we ARE.  It’s difficult being yelled at or even being told a sad story.  My stomach picks up on the sad or angry emotion and immediately starts hurting.  I’ll hunch over in pain if someone is mad, especially at me.  I once attended a company holiday party right before a massive layoff.  I said, “Is this a party or a funeral?”  I could feel the negative energy in the room and it literally made me shake.  That never used to happen.

The day it really hit me how different I had become from other people was when I was invited to an Open House.  It was a friend of a friend who owned an Animal Hospital.  I decided to take a tour of the facility just to check it out.  My friends and I all followed the tech through the office and when we got to the back room, I thought I was going to pass out.  My lungs immediately tightened, I got dizzy, and I was hunched over panting.  It felt as if I was having a panic attack. I looked over at the other three in the room.  They were feeling completely fine and staring at me in horror.  “Too much has happened here.  I need to go,” I said.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  It felt like a thousand entities all trying to talk to me at once.  I ran outside and it took a good ten minutes to recover.  Turns out, that room was where they euthanize the pets.

“Yep, I’m a Medium,” I thought.  “I guess my sensitivity is increasing.”  I couldn’t believe that my friends were just standing there like everything was fine.  Didn’t they feel it?  How could they NOT feel it?  It was so powerful!!!  How could something that took over my entire body feel like nothing to them?  Then I remembered how I USED to be. Things had changed with me and my abilities.  As the years passed, they grew stronger and not only were my abilities changing, so was my body’s reaction to them.  Things had become more intense and the physical signs were there at every turn. I was excited to see that I was becoming better and better at this because if that was the case, I was going to be able to help people more and more.


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