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From Skeptic to Psychic…

As a practicing Catholic, my view of the other side was the epitome of serious and solemn. Keep your head down, your mouth shut, and be respectful. Then I started having my own religious experiences and realized it wasn’t like that. As a matter of fact, my experiences were closer to Morgan Freeman’s depiction in “Bruce Almighty”. That’s when I realized that our deceased loved ones really are in a better place and having a heck of a lot of fun up there. Believe it or not, I’m not even able to connect with them unless I’m in a good mood.

For those of us who only communicate with positive entities, the other side is nothing to fear. It’s warm, loving, kind, and HELPFUL. Because of my ability to hear them, I have been approached by guardian angels and deceased loved ones on numerous occasions to either say or do something that will help someone. They are an untapped resource for most and my life purpose is to give them a voice.

I didn’t start communicating with the other side until age 35 and since then, my life has improved immensely. Despite my gut feelings, I bought the wrong car, dated the wrong man, pursued an unfulfilling career, etc. I ignored my intuition and dismissed those thoughts/feelings as my imagination/indigestion. Nowadays, I’m in touch with my intuition and my own “team” on the other side so that I can make empowered decisions that improve my life and lead me toward happiness and fulfillment. I want this same happiness for each and every one of you, so book a reading today and find out what your “team” and deceased loved ones would like to share with you.

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