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Membership Has Its Privileges

As I mentioned previously, whenever I take orders from the Other Side, it is always, always, always to help someone. I’m asked to assist almost everyone I come into contact with in some way. Lucky for me, the Other Side enjoys finding creative ways to thank me for my efforts.

On Father’s Day 2014, I was on my way to meet my family for dinner when I heard, “Hey, Christine.  We have a little surprise for you.”  I can see my Spirit Guides walking toward me and they have someone with them.  As they get closer, I realize it’s my secret crush, Mark Foster – the lead singer of Foster the People.  His hair is cut short, he’s clean shaven, and wearing a dark gray hoodie. Upon seeing this, I freak out because I know they brought him to me as a “present”.  🙂

Mark Foster has always been my secret crush because I respect his authenticity. If you listen to his interviews, you’ll notice that he’s not shy about admitting things such as drug abuse or never learning how to read music. Imperfections are what make us unique and he inspires me to speak my truth under pressure of compromise and conformity. He stays true to himself and his craft by shutting out the voices of his critics/fans. He writes his songs with a certain courageous vulnerability and he inspires me to do the same. There are days when I re-read my articles and think, “I can’t post this. I can’t do it. It looks like I imagined it. This sounds like I made the whole thing up! I sound completely insane! I can’t do this.” Every time that happens, I watch another online interview with Mark and my confidence is restored. Other than that, he’s known for his generous charitable donations and his good-hearted, volunteer-filled “Do Good Bus”. He’s just fantastic in my book!

Right now you’re thinking, “How can a live person be hanging out with your Spirit Guides?”  It’s because it wasn’t the part of Mark Foster that lives on this earth plane.  It was his Higher Self – the part of him that lives in the ether.  Mark in his most perfect form who is directly connected to the Divine.  Yes, in a way, we are all avatars.  When I found this out, I had a major freak out session and rejected the idea entirely.  How could I be in two places at once?  I didn’t understand it and I really didn’t want to.  The whole notion was disturbing.  It wasn’t until I started channeling the living that I finally grew to accept the idea of the Higher Self – a mother in a coma who desperately wanted her son to pull the plug, an estranged husband who missed his wife with a passion, a father who’s son stopped talking to him, etc.  Yes, all channeled.  All living.

I knew I was really talking to Mark because my stomach started hurting like it always does when I connect with an entity.  (The reason for this is because they have to pull on my life force energy in order to communicate with me. Yes, it gets uncomfortable sometimes.) He said, “Christine, every time you cast love at me, it feels really good.  Thank you for appreciating me and my music so much.”  I said, “Well, you’re extremely talented and I hope to meet you in corporeal form some day.”  He smiled, kissed me on the cheek, and left.  What an amazing experience!  The best part of the exchange was how energized and happy it made me feel.  I just love how the Other Side shows its appreciation.  🙂

“I’m not going to try to be someone I’m not in order to be taken more seriously. I’m beginning to think that there’s nothing more courageous, and nothing harder, than actually just being yourself.”
-Mark Foster

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