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Shortly after my Trigger Event, my Spirit Guides made it clear that they wanted me to start journaling. Although I was unsure as to why, I decided to take a trip to Barnes and Noble and buy one. I knew journaling was therapeutic, so I was actually excited to try it on for size. I hadn’t been much of a journaler in the past and welcomed the opportunity to get my thoughts and feelings out on paper.

I wrote four sentences about the cute guy at my gym when all of a sudden, the voice changed. I started writing about myself in the third person – about everything under the sun. Advice about my love life, health, career, etc. It was my Spirit Guides talking to me, giving me advice, and in some instances, telling me what was going to happen.

While I knew it wasn’t necessarily “normal”, I decided to do some research about it online. I finally found an article titled “Automatic Writing” on Wikipedia. It was defined as a form of channeling where what you’re writing isn’t your own thoughts, but that of a separate entity. “That’s it! That’s what I’m doing!” I was thrilled that there was a name for it. I wasn’t so much of a weirdo after all.

Eventually my automatic writing extended to other people. I would sit in a restaurant, stare at my waiter or waitress, and immediately start writing stuff about them and their life. It was always information intended to help them in some capacity. “Here. This is for you,” I’d say.  I would hand it to them, they would read it, and just stare at me.

“Does that make sense?”


Every message was completely different – love advice, career advice, or just a simple, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.” I wrote everything for everyone and eventually my popularity grew, especially at the local sushi place where they named a roll after me.  🙂

I knew things were getting extra freaky when I would be driving home from work, planning on grabbing take out from California Pizza Kitchen, and then see an image of a sushi roll in my head with the word “Yummy!” next to it.


“Stacey is fighting with her boyfriend again.”

“But I feel like pizza.”


So I head to the sushi place instead.

“Stacey, are you fighting with your boyfriend again?”

“Ugh!!!!!! Yes!!!!!”

They’re happily married now.  🙂






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