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If you are located in the Los Angeles area and would like an in-person reading instead of a phone reading, please Contact Me and we will make arrangements.  If you are located outside the US, it’s not a problem as I have global calling on my phone and my online calendar automatically accounts for the time change.  🙂



15 Minute Reading - $49

This reading option is perfect for those who just want to check-in. I'll do a quick read on your chakras, tell you what your Guides most want you to know, and discuss 1-2 areas of your life.

This is my most cost-effective option, which gives you the opportunity to literally "check-in" with the Other Side!

30 Minute Reading - $99

This is my most popular reading option! This involves a chakra reading, what your Guides would most like you to know, and discussing 3-4 areas of your life.

I also suggest this reading for people interested in connecting with their deceased loved ones. My speciality is clairsentience (clear feeling), so it's very easy for me to accurately channel your loved ones' feelings.

45 Minute Reading - $149

This involves a chakra reading, what your Guides would most like you to know, discussing 4-5 areas of your life, and connecting with a deceased loved one.

This reading is also perfect for someone who just has a lot of questions to ask their Spirit Guides. You'd be surprised how quickly the time can pass!

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